Friday, 12 February 2016

Ma Holiday

On the third day of the holiday my mum my sisters and I went to Mangere Airport to pick up my aunty and her daughters. When we got there we all ran inside and we all went to look at the intercom to see if they will come through the arrival sections, it was so long so then we sat down and waited and waited and waited until i fall asleep then after that my mum yelled out that they are here. so i quickly woke up i couldn’t stand because i was very tired. When I was fully awake I ran to my aunty and her daughter and started hugging them because i was really pleased that they were here.

Later on we had to hop into the car and drive back home. but i couldn’t fit so i had to try and hide in the boot. After that we drove macdonalds to order the big family pack because we were so hungry.  

After we have eaten we had to go home and have a rest because we were so tired and exhausted waiting at the airport for so long.

Thank you

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