Friday, 19 February 2016

My Mihi Mihi

                                                                       My Mihimihi

Kia ora koutou
Hello everyone

Ko (Ford) te waka
My canoe/car is (name of your waka)
Ko (Mt wellington) te maunga
My mountain is (name of your closest mountain) Mt Wellington
Ko (East tamaki) te awa
My river/ocean/lake is (name of your river). Name the closest
Ko (Togan) te iwi
My tribe is (name of your tribe)
Ko (Motu) ahau

I am (your name)

Thursday, 18 February 2016

Maths About Me

Hello my name is Motu
I am 11 years and 2 mouths old
I live at 45A Line Road East side
I have 32 teeths in month all together
I have 7 bed rooms in my house and i live with 11 people in my house including me and 2 dogs
my head circumferences is 56 cm
I was born on  November 4th 2004
and my hight is 1.61cm.

Friday, 12 February 2016

Ma Holiday

On the third day of the holiday my mum my sisters and I went to Mangere Airport to pick up my aunty and her daughters. When we got there we all ran inside and we all went to look at the intercom to see if they will come through the arrival sections, it was so long so then we sat down and waited and waited and waited until i fall asleep then after that my mum yelled out that they are here. so i quickly woke up i couldn’t stand because i was very tired. When I was fully awake I ran to my aunty and her daughter and started hugging them because i was really pleased that they were here.

Later on we had to hop into the car and drive back home. but i couldn’t fit so i had to try and hide in the boot. After that we drove macdonalds to order the big family pack because we were so hungry.  

After we have eaten we had to go home and have a rest because we were so tired and exhausted waiting at the airport for so long.

Thank you

Learning Journal For 2016

My Greeting to you

February 12th Friday
Greeting to 2016

hello and welcome to my learning journey for 2016

Hi my name is motu I am a tongan boy which is 11 years of age i
am a year 7 student in saint pius x school my new teacher is Mrs Tui. I’ll be looking forward to more information and learning for 2016. in a few years i’ll be attending Dilworth as a year 9 and i hope my million voice is still the same.  

Thank you

Thursday, 11 February 2016

New Year New Me

On the first day of school  it felt unique but the year felt the same as 2015. 
It was hard to get use to room 7 because now we do prayers after morning and we have another teacher and our grace is not the same but after a few weeks ill get use to it.
I've also met new faces and new friend.